How to Kill Apps (Open More than One Apps) in Windows 8.1

September 20th, 2014

Windows 8.1 brought a wide range of features and cool functions for the users of Windows, but still there are a lot of confusions regarding Windows 8.1. The users are still looking for the ways to resolve these issues. Since it is the latest update from Microsoft, so there is no user guide for the confused and baffled users who are looking here and there to get out of the issues they are facing in Windows 8.1. One of the major issues faced by the users is when they open an app such as Photos or Calculator, they are not able to open another app along with the first app. If they try to switch to another app while keeping the first app opened, it is not possible for them as they have to close the first app by using “Alt+F4” and only then they can move to another app to use it. This is quite confusing for the majority of the users. Luckily, there is a very simple technique that can be followed to switch to another app while using the first app. Here is how you can do so.

Step 1: Go to the apps section and click on your desired app you want to launch. In my case, I opened “Calculator” as I wanted to calculate some data for

Step 2: Now move your cursor to the extreme upper left corner of the screen where you will notice the cursor of your mouse turns into a hand. It shows you can move the screen of Calculator downwards. You need to drag the screen and drop it downwards.

Step 3: Once you have done so, you will notice your screen has split into two parts. In one part you will see the currently running Calculator and in the second part you will see the programs and websites you were visiting earlier.

Step 4: You can open any other app by clicking the “Start” button as the below image shows it the best. It will take you towards the apps section where you can select another app and it will also appear before you.

In the same way you can open many apps at the same time and you will not be confused any more.

How to Use Grammar Check Tool in MS Outlook 2013

September 18th, 2014

Grammar Check tool is very useful for the people who are often confused in the spelling or sometimes commit grammatical mistakes while preparing their documents. They can use this tool in not only MS Word, but also in other applications. Now you can use this tool in MS Outlook 2013 while typing an email too. Sometimes you are not sure about the spelling of any word and thus, Grammar Check gives you convenience to write correct spellings and omit grammatical errors. Below is a step-by-step guide that explains how to use this amazing tool in Email while using MS Outlook 2013. You just need to follow a few steps to use this option.

Step 1: Go to MS Outlook 2013 where you want to compose a new email. Here you will see the option “New Email” on the left top corner of the application. You should click on the option to go to New Email.

Step 2: Now, write the email and add email addresses and subject of the email too. If there appears red lines under some words in your email, it means you need to use the Grammar Check tool to remove these mistakes.

Step 3: So, you should go to “REVIEW” menu in the standard bar and it will show you the tool “Spelling and Grammar Check” tool. Click on the tool.

Step 4: Once you have clicked the tool, it will appear on your screen where you will see some options regarding the misspelled word that can be used instead of it. You need to use “Change” if you can see its accurate word. Sometimes the system does not recognize the names of people and even the names of places and companies. In this case it shows red lines under such names. So, if this is the case, you need to use “Ignore” option that can be seen at the top of the window.

When all of the errors have been removed, you will see a message that there is no error in your email. Now you can send email without any confusion. If you want to use its short cut, you should just press F7 that will start Grammar Check tool quickly.

How to Export Outlook Information to Use in Another Program

September 15th, 2014

Sometimes you need to export your very important information from MS Outlook 2013 to any other point or you want to back up your data for further use in any other program. If this is the case, you will be overjoyed to know that Microsoft has upgraded MS Outlook and added various interesting and useful tools and features in MS Outlook 2013. One of them is “Import and Export” feature that is used for importing and exporting information for Outlook 2013. You can use it for back up of your data as well. Below is the complete guide to help you in creating back up of your data to another point so that you may use it for any other program.

Data for companies is the most precious asset for larger companies, one can’t deny this fact. If you’ve important emails and other documents saved in your outlook, then you can simple migrate that data with this easy guide for data migration.

Let’s start here:

Step 1: You should go to MS Outlook 2013. In the top left corner you will see “FILE” menu that should be clicked to open its tools and features.

Step 2: In the list appearing on your screen, you will see “Open & Export” option that should be selected to open its menu.

Step 3: Now there appears some options. Here, you should select “Import/Export” option that is used for settings and exporting or importing files.

Step 4: The Wizard for Import and Export will open before you. Here, you should select the option “Export to a file” option that is used for taking back up of your data too. Click “Next” once you have selected the accurate option.

Step 5: Now the folders of Outlook will appear in the Wizard including Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items and various other folders. You need to select the folders you want to export to a specific destination. Once you have selected, you should click the button “Next”. If you want to add the “sub-folders”, you should mark the option “Include Sub-folders” that lies above the option “Next”.

Step 6: Now select a destination where you want to export your information. If you want to store it on any location in your system, you should use “Browse” option to select the accurate destination and click to “Finish”.

Step 7: You will be asked to provide a password and retype it for security purpose. It will protect your data that has been exported to another destination.

All of your outlook’s information is transferred now to your desired program successfully.

PhotoEditX Helps you to Edit your Pictures Seamlessly

September 10th, 2014

Want to add text and remove red eye from your photos? Want to edit any unnecessary portions of your photos and increase its brightness? PhotoEditX gives you an easy way to do all these experiments with your photos in no time. It gives you plenty of features including edit, crop, add text, blend, effects and many more to experience a wonderful photography. See below what you can do with the help of PhotoEditX app.

Best Photo Editing Tool

PhotoEditX’s Features

Painting Tools

It gives you a complete range of painting tools such as clone, airbrush, pencil, colors kit and different sized brushes. You can edit or blend the gradient by using its greatly powerful tools. Some tools do not support custom patterns or brushes. This is not the case with PhotoEditX. You can use custom patterns while editing images and even all of the custom brushes. It contains a set of 48 standard sized brushes, but some users prefer to create a brush of their own choice. PhotoEditX allows them to do so according to their preferences. They can use these brushes in eraser mode, soft edged and hard edged mode. The color collection contains HSV, RGB and CMYK modes of colors. If you want to pick any color from photo, it can be successfully done with the help of different averaging tools.

Supporting Formats

You can open a large number of file formats in PhotoEditX such as tiff, Giff, man, tga, svg, bmp, pdf, png and various others. Moreover, if you want to change the format of any image, you just need to load and open it in PhotoEditX then use its “Convert Format” option and thus save that image as your desired format.

Unlimited Images Editing

Unlike many other photo editors available online, it gives you freehand to edit unlimited images at the same time. Thus, your work goes on, more and more professional and your skills be more polished by using it.

Animation Tool

It’s time to experiment with your still image by adding animation in it in different styles. You can use “Frame Navigator” to add different frames to your photos. You can create animated photos to give Live and real touch to them.

Masking & Image Selection Tools

You can make circular, freehand and rectangular selection on the image and even any color in an image can be selected for editing. Now you are free to make smart selection with the help of its Magic Wand tool that is added to PhotoEditX for the selection of any contiguous area of the photo.

Gradient Tool

Gradient tool in this application allows you to generate and customize your desired gradient files other than a wide range of gradients added to the app. It is fully compatible for the gradients that are associated with its various other functions.

Effects Creating Tool

PhotoEditX brings up to 150 amazing effects for the users. You can add “Blur” effects in your photos or can make your image “Motion blur” if you desire.

Some More Manipulations

So, you can add such text layers that are editable any time. You can use its “Quickmask” tool that enables you to pain your desired color in the selected area of the image. You can use “Redo/Undo” options for various times.

Download PhotoEditX from Here

How to Survive an EMP Attack (Precautions)?

September 6th, 2014

What is an EMP Attack?

EMP Attack

Credit: Flickr

EMP attack is basically a term that is known by a few US citizens, but it is a horrible fact that can make their lives a heap of rubble within some seconds. EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse attack that can be caused by any nuclear detonation in the outer space far from the orbit of our Earth and it may be caused by a natural solar flare that will occur one day. A powerful burst of electromagnetic radiation will damage all of your electronics and electrical systems within a few seconds. Check out more about EMP attack at Wikipedia.

How it Can Affect Us?

What you will do if there is no electronic appliance working for you? Your computer, laptop, refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Washer and Cleaner have burnt? A thorough blackout permanently prevails around you and you do not know how to last your food items that were kept in refrigerator and even you are unable to have cold bottled water. You are not connected with the rest of the world as there is no internet connection and you are even unable to wash your clothes in a washer because it is also not working. There is no life around you because everything was depending upon electricity. Thus, you are back in 1800’s era when there were no traits of modern civilization. These are not the imaginary scenes of Doomsday, but serious and true effects of an EMP attack if it ever occurs. The situation will be more baffling for US Citizens who are one of the advanced nations of the world and use high-tech electronic appliances.

How to Survive an EMP Attack (Precautions)

There are many things that are operated on batteries that are charged with electricity. Keep them away from electrical switch boards for the most of the time to save them from an EMP Attack’s horrible effects.

The best way to survive after an EMP Attack is to build EMP-proof boxes and containers. The Faraday box is the best example for this. You need to build a Faraday Cage for this purpose. It is basically build by metal that absorbs the radiation of EMP and the material that is closed in the box will not be affected. You can use metal filing cases, ammunition boxes and truck bed boxes for this purpose. So, you can store all of the important electronics in a tightly fitted metal box to avoid an EMP attack.

The US Citizens can also use aluminium foil or copper foil for the insulation of their entire room or place from a sudden attack of an EMP. You need to cover your ceiling, floor and walls with foil paper and then put a heavy carpeting of wood or woolen to avoid EMP radiation.

Precaution In Using Faraday Box

If you are using Faraday Box to store your electronics, you should be careful while keeping them in the box. These items should not touch the metal box surface. You can wrap them in plastic sheets or use to wrap them in wadded sheets and then keep them into the box.
A product is available in the market to avoid the harmful outcomes of EMP attack. You can use it to secure your electronics if you do not want to build Faraday Box.

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