Best Ever Android Quotes App for Quotes Lovers

Best Quotes & Sayings free android application makes accessible ever indebted noteworthy Quotes & Sayings treasure, demonstrated with more than 100 Quotes and sayings classifications and 150 or more discernible author’s postings. App is a genuinely smooth enlargement in the separating Android Market (Play Store).

Moreover, this doubtlessly considers application unites the most bleeding edge attributes, which plainly impact android customer’s dedication in a truthful structure. In like way, App is conveyed with an amazing game diversion inside the application excessively named Santa Catch, which creates Best Quotes & Sayings application more lucrative for customers. It’s a brief witty redirection contains the recommendation to supply cerebrum blowing beguilement play to its players, so this Santa diversion coordination to the application changes it towards gainful android need.

Besides, these days when huge amounts of people likes to reexamine their social networking statuses through acclaimed sayings or quotes, in this watch this astonishing free android application give this impact to its customers, with gigantic saving in Best Quotes & Sayings of saw makers of different sorts keep up at unique blends in Best Quotes & Sayings makes it creative and ahead from its opponent applications.

Thus, the application handle clients to upgrade their facebook status by method for Best Quotes & Sayings App with a lone touch, in like way substance of the application could what’s more be granted to anybody online with the energy of changing substance as indicated by client wish.

Similarly, the remarkable custom of listen stock quotes of the application is a substitute sparkling porch in this application. Other than all the standard Quotes & Sayings in substance affiliation, the strikingly picture Quotes and sayings moreover, gave in the application are a novel eccentricity, other than all classes are dependably upgraded time to time.

Moreover, the most benefitting device of the application, is its stow away and unhide offer that permits clients to execute the unpalatable or unpleasant substance or basically can in like manner be deleted if found adult. In this technique, eradicating gravely masterminded Quotes & Sayings is practicable.

Likewise, Best Quotes & Sayings can other than be moved to SD Card, to free some of client’s inside Smartphone memory and considering everything yet not in any occasion all quotes are in impeccable audited English.

Winding up:

Therefore, the breakdown of “Best Quotes & Sayings” uncover that it’s a pleasing & sparkling free app for android users, who truly have a high regard for Quotes & Sayings, which should cheer rational way of view.

Accordingly “Best Quotes & Sayings” is surely an essential app for the android OS users having customary perception desire. Despite all concentration of deep sayings & quotes, yet conventional users can similarly yield from its features in deficient of any hassle.

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10 Best SMS Messaging Apps for Android Users

In the present era of mobile revolution, SMS messaging is the most adept feature for staying in touch with other people, for this purpose text messaging in bulk on most platforms of smart phones takes place nowadays. If you are an android Smartphone user then you merit some of the most intriguing convenient messaging applications available in play store to drastically improve your messaging practice from you stock android messaging app, although built in messaging app yet not absurd fails to offer the required wow features. So in this article you will go over some extraordinary Android SMS Messaging Apps, which are certain to refashion your android massaging capability. If you want to send free sms via internet then you can use any good web like, these Android messaging apps don’t help you to send free sms, these are just for managing your mobile’s messaging service.

Best SMS Messaging Apps for Android

Further, SMS Messaging is a stand alone among the most used customs in Smartphone phones, at present when Android Smartphone have transformed into phenomena far and wide and in overabundance about 65% of overall Smartphone holders use Android OS run cells. Most of the customers get depleted of stock Android application notwithstanding the way that it’s not as hopeless as people say.

Currently there are some wonderful alternate SMS messaging apps available free of charge to open up your SMS experience. So, here in this article we are going to analyze around 10 most well known android informing applications that can be installed as an interchange of stock android messaging application to amaze your SMS messaging a pleasure.

Chomp SMS:

Chomp SMS is a cool simple to utilize smooth android messaging app, and it’s been there for truly a while now, since android launched its initial versions like Éclair and Froyo. It’s currently a popular prominent messaging application; countless android users make utilization of this application as a substitution application of stock android Smartphone SMS app. Some of its enticing peculiarities incorporate many awesome downloadable themes, 800 Emotions Smiles, for making instant replies of the SMS the pop up notification feature of chomp is a remarkable custom. Furthermore, SMS blocking power of any contact is another awesome feature of the app, it’s a must try alternate android SMS app.

Go SMS Pro:

It’s a famous messaging android applications created by the same engineers who created the ever mainstream GO launcher that is been utilized by in excess of 60 Million android clients far and wide. This SMS messaging app is accessible in two forms free and paid pro adaptation. Though, paid variants outfits you with bit more helpful controls like cloud space, expanded MMS space, private inbox, and more bright subjects yet its free version is additionally not fall behind in offering a portion of the astounding messaging peculiarities including schedule SMS sending option, block incoming messages from any mobile number, and Secure private inbox is a useful for privacy purpose, it’s an amazingly clean & powerful messaging app.

Hello SMS:

Hello SMS is a trouble-free yet elegant and neat alternate android messaging app, which is inevitable for android equipped device if you are SMS devotee.  Its novel in the scenes that it make available tabs view of all you conversations on the left side of the app UI, as you open it. So amazingly you don’t have to return every time to main menu of the conversations when you want to message someone new from other conversations, just tap on the desired contacts and start messaging that contact. Hello SMS app also permits user to unite pictures and installer can change its theme too to get fresh new look, in a nutshell it’s an obligatory messaging app.

Handcent SMS:

Handcent SMS is euphoric android messaging app, available to download for free in play store for a while now that about every android user at least once have downloaded and checked out Handcent SMS as an alternate of stock messaging app of their Smartphone. App presents white and blue settle color patterns escorted with some exclusive features similar to appending  screen capture with your message if required at some point of time, text to speech text , and schedule message sending as per users liking is additional awesome tools of Handcent SMS messenger.


EvolveSMS may well be your idyllic alternate SMS messenger collaborator on android outfitted Smartphone’s, as a preference of stock messenger. Making available quite a few beyond doubt sensibly modification features similar to glowing UI, which entice in users at the first instance and its pop up reply handiness makes immediate replaying remarkably convenient and joyful experience. Furthermore, any chat conversation can be locked with pattern lock control as a retreat viewpoint. Added flanking weighty feature includes Evolve SMS widget on your home screen is possible and a variety of features likewise changing themes foe revamping feel of the application drastically is also doable.

Textra SMS

Textra SMS messenger is not as popular as above mentioned android messenger apps were, but app has some of its unique messaging leverages. App contains old android kind a look (long awaited new update) and encompasses novelties like TextraEmoji plugin download support. Some of the other practical features of the app consist of voice command texting without typing hazard; this can be an obliging tool in the event that user is not willing to type. Moreover, it similarly help pop up message notification support and some of its other flexible peculiarities are also part of the app, for making messaging a pleasure.

Sliding Messaging Pro:

Sliding Messaging Pro is another profound and splendid android messaging app, its works similar to Hello SMS like presenting conversations in tabs of every individual contacts, user just has to click on it and start texting conveniently. Some additional distinguishing features of the app involves a variety of eye transmittable themes, Google Voice shore up, animations support, light flow, quick reply via pop up notification, and the adaptable security set as per users aspiration. Further, App also allows its user to set personage pop up, for a precise contact particularly.


Textsecure has a greater offering point than the competing messaging app and that is security. On a fundamental level it confines Android from taking screen gets of messages, also, on the off chance that you request more control and consolation that any other person isn’t perusing all that you texting, there’s the choice of securing the application with a passphrase. Also, for yet more assurance, discussions between two users can be kept private with end to end encryption. As far as customization, Textsecure conveys some fun features too, with SMS delivery report devices, LED shade changer is another novel feature of the app.

Ninja SMS (now called HoverChat)

Ninja SMS is likewise an extraordinary SMS application in light of the fact that it happens totally in a coasting window. Believe it or not, there is no primary interface with this application. A window pops up when you have a message. You answer the message in that spot in the window, and the window vanishes when you’re set. Consequently the name as it pops done and finished like a ninja at whatever point you have SMS. It can be themed, has a security gimmick to make it hard for snoopers to snoop on your SMS, various skimming window help, emoji backing, and you can simply pop out full screen messaging mode at whatever point in the event that you have to. It’s an extraordinary choice for those searching for something somewhat distinctive. It’s likewise foremost that the application has transformed its name to Hoverchat.

Stock Smartphone messaging App:

To be fare SMS application which comes with various famous brands custom built is sufficient enough too. Samsung, HTC, LG, and others all have marginally diverse stock SMS applications. In the event that you don’t do a ton of messaging you may not give a second thought what it would seem that. Evidently a decent partition of you falls into this class. There’s nothing the matter with that. Only in light of the fact that you can change the SMS application doesn’t mean you need to.

Video on Text Messaging Android apps

HTC Nexus 9 Features 8.9 inch Display and 64 bit Nvidia Tegra K1 Chipset

Nexus 9 is Tablet Computer developed by Google and HTC. HTC is trying to overcome the Asus and Samsung by its high end devices, Nexus 9 is a try to concrete HTC’s presence in Nexus family and in Tablet Line. Nexus 9 features a 8.9 inch screen and it helped HTC to make a comeback after a period of 5 years after Nexus One.

HTC Nexus 9
Image Credit: 9to5Google


HTC Nexus 9 shows the commitment of China based company to launch a hot favorite Tablet with high end specifications as this time HTC didn’t make any cuts or lower down the performance to reduce the price. Like Motorola Nexus 6, HTC Nexus 9 shows a major shift and up gradation in production line. It is capable of bona fide specs that powered it with super fast and blazing speed, while premium build and catchy looks make it favorite for crowd.

Here are the key Specs of HTC Nexus 9:


HTC Nexus 9 has an 8.9 inch of QXGA IPS Display Screen with 2048*1536 Pixels resolution. The screen has 4:3 aspect ratio and is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. It has 281 PPI density and supports 16 M colors. The screen features scratch resistance and Capactive Touch Screen with backlit LCD.


HTC Nexus 9 is powered by a 64 bit Nvidia Tegra K1 Chipset, and has a 2.3 GHz Dual Core Denver Processor. With double bus speed, Nexus 9 offer you super fast speed, you can access apps with 2x quick response, while it can also replace your Laptop with the addition of a Keyboard.


HTC Nexus 9 comes with two options for Internal Memory, including 16 GB and 32 GB options, you have to choose right option for you as you can’t extend its memory further via external source like microSD Card Slot. It is really a big big flaw of Nexus 9. Talking about RAM, HTC Nexus 9 powered by 2 GB LPDDR 3 1600 RAM which provides blazing speed and you can enjoy multitasking on your Tablet device.


HTC Nexus 9 is powered by a 8 Mega Pixel primary camera with f/2.4, auto focus and LED Flash as well to aid capturing clear pictures. It is capable of 1080 pixel resolution and can capture videos @ 30 frames per seconds. The secondary camera is powered by a 1.6 mega pixel lens with f/2.4 and can capture 720 pixel videos.


The 64 bit giant and 8.9 inch of screen, it requires more battery power to provide you non stop service, so to fulfill the needs and usage, HTC has supplied Nexus 9 with a 6700 mAh Li-Po battery.


Though HTC Nexus 9 comes with 64 bit processor and other super performance features, however it has some advantages that can hurt you. These are:

  • No external memory option to extend your memory needs
  • With low PPI Density and lower display ratio
  • 64-bit Nvidia Tegra K1 chipset; 2.3GHz dual-core Denver CPU; Kepler DX1 GPU

Why the Official Android 5.0 Release was delayed: Bug fixes or other problems?

The latest version of  Android 5.0 Lollipop was expected to be released on November 3, 2014 for all the Google Nexus devices but many users specially those using Google Nexus 5 were disappointed as the release date has now been pushed to November 12. The reason behind this delay is the now well-renowned ‘battery-draining’ bug that causes the battery of the devices operating on beta version of Lollipop to drain extremely fast.

Android 5.0 Lollipop

This problem was reported on the official Android Developer Preview Forum by users and by November 5, the forum was flooded with more than 800 complaints. Trevor Johns, a senior developer at Google, acknowledged the problem and informed the users that they had identified the issue and it was being investigated. Furthermore, Mr. Johns has claimed that this issue has now been fixed and the Google Bug Tracker page has changed the status of the problem to ‘fixed’.

The beta or experimental versions of all Android updates traditionally have issues and bugs and therefore, users are advised to wait for the official version to be released or install the beta versions on secondary devices to avoid problems. In the experimental version of Android Lollipop 5.0, a device’s battery drains completely in a matter of approximately 4 hours when Wi-Fi is turned on. Experts have determined that this is caused by a large number of IRQs (interrupt requests) or wake-up events that are registered under miscellaneous section in the device.

However, just like in the past, Google soon comes up with the fix for such issues as is the case with Android 5.0. A temporary fix suggested by Google Android team is to turn the Wi-Fi off, but that is not a practical solution and a fix is necessary before the update is released for ‘stock’ Android devices.

Some critics, however, are unsure of whether this is the only problem with the update. It is now expected to be released on November 12 when everything will, hopefully, become clear.


Successful Test by Huawei for 100G Passive Optical Network

Telecom Sector is the most progressing Sector in entire world, everyday we notice various inventions that claim better and improved services and features better hardware and software improvements. Now the China based Telecom Company Huawei has announced to test successfully 100G Passive Optical Network invention.

Successful Test by Huawei for 100G Passive Optical Network

According to Wikipedia definition, “Passive Optical Network or PON is a Telecom Network that uses Point to Multipoint fiber to the premises in which unpowered optical splitters are used to enable a single optical fiber to serve multiple premises”.

PON consists of Optical Line Terminal along with a number of Optical Network Units near and users. The main aim of PON is to limit the amount of fiber and central office equipment required for comparison with point to point architectures.

Today, Huawei Telecom has successfully tested the 100G Passive Optical Network. This is indeed a great achievement in Telecom Sector. The test covers transmission over an area of 20KM, while Huawei also made it sure that the system is compatible with other PON on ODN network. According to Huawei, the test will support 200 Gbit per second per port via more wavelength paths.

The recent success test has beat ZTE and Alcatel-Lucent as all these are competitors in Broadband Technology Market. The 100 PON Technology by Huawei uses Hybrid time division and wavelength division architecture to support a 4*25 Gbits per second downstream, it also support upstream @ 4*10 Gbits per second. The test enabled 100 Gbits per second access rate per port on existing ODN (Optical Distribution Network).

The new invention by Huawei Telecom is also enable to establish compatibility between 100G PON and GPON/10GPON / 40G TWDM PON, that allows Telecom Carriers to execute the upgrades to access networks.

The invention will help to meet increasing demands of home bandwidth, smart home services, cloud services, 4K and also 8K Ultra High definition videos.

China has emerged as an emerging Telecom Market with growing demand for Telecom Services, last week, ZTE Telecom which is another China based Telecom Vendor claimed to achieved the single carrier 400G wavelength-division multiplexes signal transmission over massive area of 3000 KM. The test traversing 10 reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexes with improved sign in Frequency Spectrum that suggest improvement up to 4b/s/Hz.