Best iOS 8 Keyboards to Type Seamlessly on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

September 30th, 2014

The latest release of Apples iOS 8 is now permits users to use third party keyboards as an alternate of stock iOS keyboard. This leverage is like a blow of cool breeze in summers for i0S 8 users. For accessing this feature of using keyboard apps other than built in, user now don’t have to Jailbreak their iPhones, this option can be availed with out it. Just Go to Settings, General, Keyboard, Keyboards, Add New Keyboard and tap on the name of the keyboard in new revamped iOS 8.

Best iOS 8 Keyboards to Type Seamlessly

There are several iOS 8 keyboards available online to choose the best of the lot, here we will provide you some in-depth info about Best keyboards for iOS 8 that will transform your typing capability on iOS 8 equipped devices.

SwiftKey iOS 8 Keyboard

SwiftKey is one of the most awaited iOS 8 third-party keyboards; typing experience on it is a far smoother then stock iOS keyboard. As per latest review it’s significantly quicker than updated iOS 8 stock keyboard that comes with it. You can change its theme from dark to light and you can also predefined your words and pick from the predictive text or use the flow option to slide your finger across the keyboard which out uplifting it. All in all it’s a fast, responsive, and smooth alternate to built in iOS 8 keyboard.

Swype iOS 8 Keyboard

Swype Keyboard is another profound convenient & dynamic third party keyboard. Its developed to help deliver more precise words predictions to users and instead of tapping you can slide your finger across the whole letters to type the desired word. This feature of swapping your finger all across the keyboard with out lifting it for typing a word is bit hard to get familiar but it can speed up typing vividly on iOS 8 thru Swype Keyboard. Other contiguous handy features of Swype comprises rapidly enter symbols, punctuation and capital letters with Swype gestures, insert your custom words to the dictionary, mistyped words are inevitably corrected with the best possible word and phrasing correction is also at offering.

Fleksy iOS 8 Keyboard

Fleksy is the most customizable iOS 8 Keyboard that makes available whole lot of convenient features for amplifying your typing experience on iOS 8. The most amazing fact about Fleksy is it grips a Guinness World Record for fastest smartphone keyboard typing speed. Furthermore, Fleksy’s biggest proficiency is its range of customization options including, you can select from three different sizes of keyboard as per your choice, show or hide the space bar, and refurbish the keyboard’s color as per you flavor.

5 Best Music Playing Apps for Android

September 29th, 2014

Android OS is the most widely used mobile phone and tablet operating system all around the world, because of its customizing leverage provided to its users in an easy to understand platform.

There are tons of apps available on Play store in numerous categories for android users, which is accessed by the platform users worldwide for downloading these apps for various type of usage. Doing entertainment activities on your android device is another most loved feature of the platform including music playing and listening to your favorite tracks most of the time amongst younger generation specially.

Although, there are stock music playing apps comes pre-installed by various manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, but there are heaps of other interesting music player are being developed by various developer that can transform your music playing on android platform drastically. Here are some of the vigorous best music playing apps for Android discussed below.

Poweramp Music Player:

Poweramp is one of the utmost admired music players for Android; Poweramp is really the advanced way of music playing on android platform. Player has a very interactive and easy to understand user interface, you can also customize the app by diverse themes as per you liking. Other contiguous interesting feature is its album art and lyrics can also be incorporated into the player online.

The player also makes available a ten-band music equalizer to permit users tweak your music output as wanted, alongside its compatible with many different audio formats used worldwide.

n7player Music Player: 

The n7player is a unique music player that creates impressive impact every time you play music on it. The user interface is the most striking feature of the music player, offered as a thumbnail that supports pinch zoom in and zoom out option. Furthermore, the artist or song name appears on your screen like a scrapbook glance. One of the downsides, however, of the app is the lack of radio functions or the ability to sync and download podcasts directly to it.

In a nutshell, n7player unquestionably worth having on your android device, primarily for it’s distinguishing options.

Google Play Music:

Google Play Music is another fantastic android music player; the most distinct feature of the player is it offers massive online catalog of music that you can stream, on condition content accessible in your country. On the other hand, also allow you to play music that you have stored on your android device.

Player also synchronizes with your Google account, offers some good personalized references according to your existing music patterns through music library.

PlayerPro Music Player 

PlayerPro Music Player is a top-notch android music-playing app, outfitted with lots of innovative contemporary features and tools. Player allows user to download lyrics and album art of the tracks while the tracks being played, also comprises different themes skins to change the feel & look of the player. 

Additionally, song labels can be amended straight from the app and you can even use scrawling support for sites to sync with your listening customs. PlayerPro also have lock screen widgets that feed you with swift access to vital functions of music player.

Rocket Music Player 

The Rocket Music Player is a rich featured less familiar android music player because most of the user don’t know about the existence of this player, in comparison with some of the bigger renowned players. Only reason being it was launched not long ago, but now getting popular with time.

The player profound features includes, templates and themes that user can download; Rocket Music Player furnishes a lot of preferences to play around with ad-free user interface. Player has both free and pro versions, free lacks some features that the pro version includes, likewise supporting some particular file formats. Also the thorough search feature helps you find specific tracks that you have stored on your android device.

All in all, it’s a must try music player to check out some of its lucrative features.

How to Flourish Your E-Business with DLGuard

September 26th, 2014

DLGuard is the solution of your problems if you are running an online business and your productivity is not at a satisfactory level while you are spending more and more on your business. It is highly beneficial and simple to use at the same time. Let’s have a look how does it work.

There are three types of sales online supported by DLGuard – Single product sale, multiple products sale and membership websites.

How to Flourish Your E-Business with DLGaurd

Single Product Sale

If you are involved in selling single software, ebook or a small-scale marketing website, DLGuard is perfect choice for you. It gives full protection to the download page and make amendments in the present product rapidly. DLGuard is responsible for providing you the required purchase link and also a short code you need for incorporated payment processing on your site. DLGuard also facilitates you to offer the customers a bonus item quite easily if they buy the basic product.

Multiple Product Sale

DLGuard solves the problem of incorporating the payment receiving system with the shopping cart on your website as it is concerned with all of your download management problems. The shopping cart system of DLGuard makes it easy for you to add products or remove the unwanted or expired products quite easily. You can edit the product description, set the new prices, add promotional prices and then give the user maximum facility by incorporating into, PayPal and many others. Thus, it is easy for you to receive a single payment from your customer for shopping multiple goods. You can completely customize the download page and shopping cart according to your requirements.

Membership Websites

Membership websites can be considered an attractive source of income for the site owners. This application sets up a membership site for you if you desire. These sites may contain paid membership or a free one. If it is offering a paid one, DLGuard will link its billing with Clickbank, PayPal or many other resources and even if the site owner is desirous, these membership sites can be connected to the single product’s sale. Now it is again DLGuard’s responsibility to detect if any subscriber cancels his membership and once he is detected, he will not be allowed to have access to the paid membership site. This is always a hectic job, but DLGuard takes your pains and performs it very well for you. If there is any single product sale membership, DLGuard can be used to make an area that is only for buyers. It keeps them up to date regarding the latest offers and upcoming products.

It is only with the help of DLGuard that your download links for the products can appear before your customers securely. Moreover, it also sets the limit of trials they can use for downloading the desired product being a member of your paid sites.

Secure Downloading

Your products are completely protected by DLGuard and cannot be theft commonly as it provides very distinctive download links for the products. Last, but not the least is that there do not appear insecure download or thank you pages when your customers complete their downloading.

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How to Kill Apps (Open More than One Apps) in Windows 8.1

September 20th, 2014

Windows 8.1 brought a wide range of features and cool functions for the users of Windows, but still there are a lot of confusions regarding Windows 8.1. The users are still looking for the ways to resolve these issues. Since it is the latest update from Microsoft, so there is no user guide for the confused and baffled users who are looking here and there to get out of the issues they are facing in Windows 8.1. One of the major issues faced by the users is when they open an app such as Photos or Calculator, they are not able to open another app along with the first app. If they try to switch to another app while keeping the first app opened, it is not possible for them as they have to close the first app by using “Alt+F4” and only then they can move to another app to use it. This is quite confusing for the majority of the users. Luckily, there is a very simple technique that can be followed to switch to another app while using the first app. Here is how you can do so.

Step 1: Go to the apps section and click on your desired app you want to launch. In my case, I opened “Calculator” as I wanted to calculate some data for

Step 2: Now move your cursor to the extreme upper left corner of the screen where you will notice the cursor of your mouse turns into a hand. It shows you can move the screen of Calculator downwards. You need to drag the screen and drop it downwards.

Step 3: Once you have done so, you will notice your screen has split into two parts. In one part you will see the currently running Calculator and in the second part you will see the programs and websites you were visiting earlier.

Step 4: You can open any other app by clicking the “Start” button as the below image shows it the best. It will take you towards the apps section where you can select another app and it will also appear before you.

In the same way you can open many apps at the same time and you will not be confused any more.

How to Use Grammar Check Tool in MS Outlook 2013

September 18th, 2014

Grammar Check tool is very useful for the people who are often confused in the spelling or sometimes commit grammatical mistakes while preparing their documents. They can use this tool in not only MS Word, but also in other applications. Now you can use this tool in MS Outlook 2013 while typing an email too. Sometimes you are not sure about the spelling of any word and thus, Grammar Check gives you convenience to write correct spellings and omit grammatical errors. Below is a step-by-step guide that explains how to use this amazing tool in Email while using MS Outlook 2013. You just need to follow a few steps to use this option.

Step 1: Go to MS Outlook 2013 where you want to compose a new email. Here you will see the option “New Email” on the left top corner of the application. You should click on the option to go to New Email.

Step 2: Now, write the email and add email addresses and subject of the email too. If there appears red lines under some words in your email, it means you need to use the Grammar Check tool to remove these mistakes.

Step 3: So, you should go to “REVIEW” menu in the standard bar and it will show you the tool “Spelling and Grammar Check” tool. Click on the tool.

Step 4: Once you have clicked the tool, it will appear on your screen where you will see some options regarding the misspelled word that can be used instead of it. You need to use “Change” if you can see its accurate word. Sometimes the system does not recognize the names of people and even the names of places and companies. In this case it shows red lines under such names. So, if this is the case, you need to use “Ignore” option that can be seen at the top of the window.

When all of the errors have been removed, you will see a message that there is no error in your email. Now you can send email without any confusion. If you want to use its short cut, you should just press F7 that will start Grammar Check tool quickly.

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